Arma 3 Creator DLC: Western Sahara - Update 1.1

Der Arma 3 Drittentwickler Rotators Collective und der Publisher Bohemia Interactive haben heute ein Inhaltsupdate für den Arma 3 Creator DLC veröffentlicht: Western Sahara. Update 1.1 fügt neue Missionen, Fahrzeuge, Waffen, Ausrüstung und mehr hinzu.

Update highlights

New scenario

  • Alchemist for both singleplayer and multiplayer

New vehicles

  • UAV (IED)
  • MSE-3 Marid (Unarmed / HMG)
  • BTR-T Iskatel

New weapons, weapon variants, and attachments

  • AA40 12G Automatic Shotgun
  • SA-77 7.62 mm Rifle
  • SA-77 Compact 7.62 mm Rifle
  • GLX 40 mm Grenade Launcher
  • Velko R5 5.56 mm Rifle
  • Velko R5 GL 5.56 mm Rifle
  • Galat ARM 7.62 mm (Old) Rifle
  • SLR 7.62 mm (Jungle) Rifle
  • Mk18 ABR 7.62 mm (Snake) DMR
  • R1 Optic (Low / High optics)
  • Saber Light (Flashlight / IR)
  • Stubby Sound Suppressor
  • Camo variants for the RCO, ARCO, Mk17 Holosight, and IR Laser Pointer
  • Ammo type - 40mm Pellet Grenade
  • Galat and Velko rifles can now use the accessory / pointer attachment slot
  • Various soldier classes with the new weapons

New clothing and gear

  • CTRG Plate Carrier Rig
  • CTRG Stealth/Combat Uniform (Desert)
  • Deserter Clothes (Desert)
  • Light Combat Fatigues (Hex)
  • Cap (ION, Headphones)
  • Ballistic Mask (Turban)
  • Various soldier classes with the new equipment

New ambience and scenery assets

  • Dromedary (Saddle) animal variant
  • Desert Tent
  • Desert Tent (Floor)
  • New music tracks

Various fixes and quality-of-life improvements

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The version 1.1 changelog can be found on the Bohemia forums.